Biden’s re-election campaign joins TikTok to reach young voters

(Bloomberg) — President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign has launched a TikTok account to reach young voters, a move that comes as the popular short-form video platform faces concerns over its ties to China.

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The account was unveiled during the Super Bowl, one of America’s most-watched television events. This is the first time Biden has joined TikTok in an official capacity, though the White House and his campaign have previously tried to reach voters with interviews with influencers and social-media-driven media companies like NowThis.

The move reflects a broader media strategy by the campaign that relies less on traditional media and seeks to reach younger voters, who are more likely to seek information on apps including Instagram, YouTube and Xx. The Democratic National Committee, which works closely with the campaign, joined the platform in 2022.

TikTok has been embroiled in controversy in Washington, with lawmakers from both parties expressing concerns that the app’s ownership by Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd. creates data-security risks. The White House has not publicly stated a position on whether the platform should be banned in the US, as some in Congress have urged, although the FBI and other agencies have warned about potential data vulnerabilities. .

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A campaign official, requesting anonymity, said staff are taking steps to secure their equipment and prevent security risks. He said no decision has been made yet on whether the President or Vice President will join the platform independently of their campaign account.

Under a law signed by Biden, government employees are barred from keeping TikTok on their agency-issued devices…

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