Berlinale workers denounce festival’s stance on Gaza war .

A group of Berlin Film Festival workers and entrepreneurs have published an open letter calling on the Berlinale to denounce its official position on the war in Gaza.

The letter, signed by around 30 workers, including programmers and moderators from the side sections of the Panorama, Forum and Generation festival, as well as the European Film Market, Berlinale Talents and Berlinale Goes Kiez, state that they “want that the festival and ourselves a higher level. They call on the Berlinale to take a clearer stance against the war in Gaza.

“We join a global solidarity movement to demand an immediate ceasefire and call for the release of all hostages,” it reads.

The letter, published online two days before the start of the 74th Berlinale on Thursday February 15, calls on the Berlinale to go further than its official statement of January 19, in which co-directors Mariëtte Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian declared their sympathy “ goes to all victims of humanitarian crises in the Middle East and elsewhere,” saying they “take a strong stance against all forms of discrimination and are committed to cross-cultural understanding.”

“As the world witnesses an inconceivable loss of civilian life in Gaza – including journalists, artists and filmmakers – as well as the destruction of a unique cultural heritage,” the open letter reads , “we need stronger institutional positions. We expect the festival to adopt a position consistent with those adopted in response to other events that have hit the international community in recent years.

The workers’ letter also denounces what the signatories describe as “the current limits imposed on speech” in the cultural sector in Germany and the lack of…

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