Ask a doctor, “Why do I keep coughing at night?”

When it comes to sleep disorders, things can’t get much worse dreaded nighttime cough.

If coughing keeps you awake at night, you’re probably frustrated and tired and wondering how to stop the cough.

Dr. Daniel Landau, a board-certified physician in South Carolina and an employee of the Mesothelioma Center, suffers from a persistent nighttime cough himself.

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He shared with Fox News Digital some common reasons for the condition.

Reasons for nighttime cough

According to experts, many different factors can contribute to nighttime coughing.

According to experts, many different factors can contribute to the occurrence of a nighttime cough. One told Fox News Digital: “Sometimes the problem is as simple as gravity.” (iStock)

“Sometimes the problem is as simple as gravity,” Landau said. “When we sit upright, we tend to retain substances in our stomach. When we lie down, acid can enter the esophagus.”

In this case, the acid can irritate the vocal cords and larynx and cause coughing.

“Sometimes it’s something as simple as sleeping or taking something upright acid-suppressing drugs can help with that,” said Landua.

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Postnasal drip is also more likely to occur at night.

“During the day, when we sit upright and bend forward, most of the drops move forward,” the doctor explained.

“However, when we lie down, it drips down our throat and can cause coughing at night.”

A certain form of asthma can cause coughing at night, a doctor has found. (iStock)

There is also one form of asthmaknown as cough asthma, which Landua says tends to occur more often at night.

“Diagnosing it can be challenging, but treating asthma can help,” he said.

Colds and allergies can also contribute to nighttime coughs.


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