Ashley Park gives update on her recovery and returns to Emily in Paris .

Ashley Park offers another update on her recovery after facing a health scare.

THE Emilie in Paris The star revealed in a Jan. 19 social media post that she suffered from “critical septic shock” that infected “multiple” organs and has since been recovering.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, the actress expressed her gratitude for the messages of support she’s received since speaking out about her health scare.

“I am deeply moved and grateful for your beautiful messages of support and comfort, your personal stories of sepsis and hospitalization, and sincerely to all the people who have reached out to me with love… each message has meant honestly propelled towards a speedy and hopeful recovery,” she wrote.

When Park shared his story, Netflix announced that Emilie in Paris returned to production for the fourth season, sharing a photo of star Lily Collins holding the first season’s script. It was unclear at the time if and when Park would return to the series amid his recovery.

However, Park updated fans by sharing that she has since been cleared to return to work on the series.

“I am sorry for the delay in responses, I just wanted to inform you that I have been medically cleared to fly after responding to treatments, and am now recovering and resting in Paris where I was greeted with this incredibly warm welcome from my near and dear ones. Émilie in Paris fam,” she wrote alongside a photo of bouquets in her room. “Thank you to @netflix and @emilyinparis for their genuine kindness and gracious patience while I wait to be medically cleared to work. I couldn’t be more excited to join [them] everything is on the board for season 4.”

She also assured that even if she worked again, she promised: “I breathe…

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