As Microsoft rivalry grows, Google launches Gemini AI bot subscription

Google (GOOG, GOOGL) is making big changes to its generic AI bot Bard, rebranding the software as Gemini to match the underlying AI models, and announcing a new premium version for consumers. .

Gemini Advanced is a paid version of the company’s bot that gives users access to Google’s largest AI model, Gemini Ultra, for $19.99 per month as part of the company’s Google One AI premium plan.

In addition to access to Gemini Ultra, the subscription includes 2TB of Google Cloud storage and, in a future update, add Gemini to Google Docs, Gmail, Slides, and Sheets.

“What you’re seeing is really a stage of maturity of Google’s overall approach to AI,” said Jack Krawczyk, Google’s senior product director. “And Gemini is really the most direct way to get to it.”

Google’s Gemini is a new AI model that will compete with OpenAI’s GPT-4. (Image: Google) (Google)

Google launched Bard last March as an AI platform that allows users to type into a text prompt and receive answers in the form of text, code, and images. In December, Google launched its Gemini AI model, which had more advanced multimodal capabilities including the ability to recognize text, images, video, and code, and began running Bard on the software.

Now Google is completely rebranding Bard as Gemini, as the company looks to build an ecosystem around the platform. Gemini is available in three versions: Gemini Nano, designed to run on smartphones; Gemini Pro for businesses; and Gemini Ultra for situations when there are high-level AI applications like the Gemini chat bot.

As an example of Gemini’s improved capabilities, Krawczyk offered a situation in which a user’s car had a punctured tire. A person can then take a picture of the tire, upload it to Gemini, and ask how to change the tire. The bot will then…

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