Ark is building an AI agent that browses on your behalf

For years, Google (or any other search engine) has been the main gateway for people to find websites and other content. browser companyArc, which makes the browser, is looking to change this by building an AI that surfs the web for you and gets you results, bypassing search engines.

The company laid out its product roadmap, which talks about releasing a new tool in the next few months where you can tell the browser what you’re looking for and it will automatically crawl the web and present you with relevant information.

In a video released today, company co-founder and CEO Josh Miller shows that users will be able to type something like “reservations for two at the Llama Inn or Kings Imperial,” and the browser will return results. Available time slots – which will be available in the coming months. Users can then go to a particular website and reserve a table with a single click.

product planning

The company has also started some of its work. The company said that only some of these features use LLM, but they all work in an effort to “bring the Internet to you.”

Earlier this week, it was released A new iPhone web browser app called Arc Search, The app has a “Browse for Me” feature, which reads at least six links related to the topic and creates a new webpage with photos and videos summarizing the information.

Image Credit: Screenshot by TechCrunch

Today, the startup is releasing a feature called “Instant Links,” which takes you directly to a link instead of returning results from the search engine. For example, if you search “Gladiator 2 trailer”, the new feature will take you straight to the trailer on YouTube. This also works on folders, so if you search something like “Apple Vision Pro reviews folder” it will create…

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