Ansar started by robbing liquor bottles from the contract, people told that they saw the eyes of the riots TOU

Ansar started by robbing liquor bottles from the contract, people told that they saw the eyes of the riots


Ansar started by robbing liquor bottles from the contract, people told that they saw the eyes of the riots

On Saturday evening, on the procession of Hanuman Jayanti in Jahangirpuri area, persons, women and children of a fundamentalist community formed groups on the roofs and roads of their homes and suddenly attacked dozens of people and policemen by attacking them with stones, bullets and sharp weapons. terribly injured. Some shops were also looted in the incident. The miscreants were seen creating a ruckus by instructing each other in their Bengali language. For about an hour, the miscreants attacked the devotees involved in the procession.

In the video of the incident, devotees were seen trying to save themselves, but when they felt that they would not be able to escape. After that he started throwing stones thrown by the miscreants towards him. Police officials said that in this case an FIR has been registered on the statement of Inspector Investigation Rajiv Ranjan at 10.40 am. In which a case has been registered under section 147/148/149/186/353/322/307/323/427/436/27 of IPC.

In this violence, police sources say that the riot was started by Ansar. When there was a dispute, he along with his associates forcibly entered a contract shop located a few steps away and robbed the liquor bottles from there. When the shop staff and guards protested, he threatened them. After which started throwing bottles at the devotees. After that started throwing bricks and stones lying on the roads. The police found a pile of pieces of bottles lying on the streets. The police is also recording the statements of the contract owner and the employees. The footage of the CCTV cameras installed in the contract has also been captured.

Locked himself in the shop and gave the news of violence to the family members

Seeing the violence, the employees somehow closed the shutter of their shop and locked themselves inside. After which the owner and manager Adi were informed about the matter. He also called up his family members and informed them about the violence. For half to half an hour, he kept himself locked inside. He came out of the shop when the police force came and the rioters were removed.

Only bottles, stones, slippers were seen at the place of riot

Police officials said that the police have found the maximum number of pieces of liquor bottles and stones at the site of the riots. Apart from this, shoes, slippers, clothes have also been found. Which have been confiscated as evidence, but where did so many brick stones come from at one place. The investigation teams are also surprised. Due to which the suspicion of the riot being well-planned is being expressed.

Did the rioters abscond after committing violence?

A police officer said that after the violence, the speed with which the police investigation has started and the rioters are being caught. The rioters have fled from their homes in fear of being caught by him. The families of such rioters are being questioned and raids are being conducted at their places. Efforts are being made to trace their location by putting their mobile phones on surveillance. It is also coming out in this case that some rioters were not from there. Trying to identify whom.

Child Protection Commission strict on violence against children

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) seems to be tough on the alleged use of children in violence. The commission has said in a letter to the Delhi Police that in the violence that took place a day earlier in north-west Delhi’s Jahangirpuri on Sunday, several children were seen pelting stones and joining the mob that started the violence. FIR should be lodged against those who allegedly used children during the violence. Use of children is an offense under the Juvenile Justice Act and FIR should be registered against persons violating the Act. The commission has also written in the letter that the action taken report should be submitted to the commission within seven days of the receipt of the letter.

People told that they saw the eyes of the riots

-H Block RWA President Vijay Jindal

He has been living here with his family for many years. But never seen such a riot. If anyone says that we have saved people, then they are probably completely wrong. Because there was no place to escape. Stones were being pelted from all sides. It was a scary scene.

Navrang resident Jahangirpuri

Here I am living with my family since 76. This has never happened, but in the last two to three years, the situation here has completely changed. Outsiders have come and settled here. Due to which many types of crime are big. Pistol swords have been seen near people. The rioters wanted to destroy the Shobha Yatra completely and kill the people too. People were not even getting a place to escape.

– Vishnu of Jahangirpuri

In Kovid, we gave food without seeing any caste religion, seeing their compulsions, we tried to help in every way. Brother had tried to make fodder, but what the rioters have done is forcing them to think. They must be punished. These are just a few people who are trying to push their younger generations to hell before they can grow up.


We saw what used to happen in Kashmir here, we saw rioters waving swords, iron roads, big knives, they were trying to create panic by raising slogans of their religion. In which minors were also present. It was just scary seeing them. The daughters and women of the houses were trembling and praying for the riots to stop at the earliest.

Rajendra Yadav-Jahangirpuri

Saw girls pelting stones in Kashmir itself, but now saw them in their block too. Who told them to do this, the police must investigate, where and when did the bricks and stones reach their roofs, no one knew, but the riot was well planned, it has been confirmed.

-Jeetu Malik -Jahangirpuri

Now the fear has started, we will not leave the house at all, because we have full faith in our police. He also saw the trust night from Saturday to Sunday. Now you just have to think about taking care of yourself. Now the trust is completely broken from them, where on one side they were enjoying the hymns. Within minutes, they pelted stones on the yatra in a planned manner. In which children, daughters and women were also shameful.

These people became victims of miscreants

Inspector Rajiv Ranjan, Sub Inspector Megha Lal, ASI Brij Bhushan, ASI Arun Kumar, Head Constable Pritam Singh, Head Constable Dinesh, Constable Deepak Kumar, Constable Suman Kumar and a civilian Uma Shankar. All these people had injuries on their hands, feet, face, nose, stomach and back. All of them were treated at Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital.

The top police officers met everyone and praised them for trying to make peace by playing on their lives. The police took information from everyone about the time of the riots. Their statements were also noted down.

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