Annamalai to shake hands with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister

Annamalai to shake hands with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister

Annamalai to shake hands with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister

Speechless, skillful, fearless and Singham, now you must be wondering who are we using these words for? Here we are talking about Tamil Nadu BJP State Chairman ‘Annamalai’ (K. Annamalai). If Annamalai is called a big BJP find, then it won’t be wrong. Annamalai is becoming the BJP’s southern superstar. He has always been very clear about his ideology and purpose and puts the public interest first. He prominently raises those issues in Tamil Nadu that the opposition are reluctant to talk about.

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Annamalai came out to protest the decision

Today, the same Annamalai has taken on the task of protecting the livelihoods of over 15,000 families working in Tamil Nadu’s tea gardens. In fact, recently the Stalinist government of Tamil Nadu transferred the Tamil Nadu Tea Garden Corporation (TANTEA) to the Department of Forestry. decide to Annamalai opposed this and asked the Stalinist government to withdraw this decision.

In this regard, BJP State Chairman KK Annamalai said in a statement that the transfer of 2,152 hectares of land under the control of TANTEA (Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation) to the Tamil Nadu Forest Department will result in the loss of jobs for many Sri Lankan Tamils. Annamalai said more than 15,000 families repatriated from Sri Lanka under the 1964 Sirimavo-Shastri agreement depend on TANTEA for their livelihoods. He said he would attend a protest organized by his party at Gudalur in Nilgiris district on Sunday, November 20. will attend,

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Threat to the livelihoods of thousands of families

The BJP leader said this step of land transfer was initiated by Chief Minister MK Stalin is against the promise to regularize TANTEA interims before the elections. He also said the land transfer will force a large number of employees into voluntary retirement, which could threaten the future of 2,400 families. The way Annamalai speaks on this issue, it looks like he is fighting for the protection and rights of 15,000 people, said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Ready to Confront Stalin.

Know here that TANTEA was established in 1968 by the then government to create livelihoods for Tamils ​​who returned from Sri Lanka under the Sirimavo-Shastri agreement. Along with this, housing was also provided for them by the then government. Meanwhile, of the 4,053 hectares of TANTEA’s tea garden, the current government has decided to hand over 2,152 hectares to the Forestry Department, resulting in the closure of seven units in Valparai and Nilgiris. This will create unemployment for tea garden workers and threaten their livelihoods. Let us tell you that the government of Tamil Nadu had recently said that it would save Rs 5.98 crore every year by transferring TANTEA to the Forestry Department.

According to Annamalai, the Tamil Nadu government had earlier promised to regularize TANTEA workers, but Chief Minister MK Stalin is making such decisions by reneging on his promise. By the way, what can be expected from the person who can decide to melt down the gold donated to the temples to make their bricks and then keep it in the bank for income.

While in July 2022, TANTEA, which cultivated tea on an area of ​​10,000 acres, decided to halve its cultivation in view of the acute financial crisis. A senior TANTEA official had told IANS that the organization is currently reeling from the financial crisis and the only way to save it is to halve its plantation area. If officials are to be believed, if the planting is cut in half, it will also help reduce overhead and other expenses.

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Stalin facing Annamalai

Many decisions have been made from time to time regarding the MK Stalin government of Tamil Nadu, due to which the interest of the people is less and its policy is more visible. Then if it is a question of breaking the temples of the religious places of the Hindus or of prohibiting any religious event. Indeed, the age-old practice of the abbot carrying his head in a palanquin on a ritual journey was forbidden. The RDO alleged human rights abuses and public order issues and eventually banned the ritual. Stalin’s government was criticized throughout the country for many meaningless activities.

However, Deputy Stalin this time faces Annamalai, who continually works to fight for justice and the rights of the people. Annamalai is a former IPS officer from the 2011 batch of Karnataka cadres. BJP Vice Chairman KS Narendran had said about him- ,He is an icon of youth. He showed he was a As an IPS officer, he is a strict and good administrator. He left the service at a young age and joined us because of his nationalist ideals.” Certainly, the BJP high command has given the task of leading the BJP in Tamil Nadu in the form of Annamalai, which is working to develop the BJP in the state.

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Annamalai to shake hands with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister

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