Ang Lee was told that ‘Brokeback Mountain’ was likely to win Best Picture

Ang Lee once again returns to Brokeback Mountainthe best memorable image loss of Accident at the 2006 Oscars.

Talk with IndieWirethe filmmaker shared that after winning Best Director for the modern queer western, a stage manager told him to stay behind the scenes because the film was also set to win the Best Picture Oscar.

“I received my prize, which was [second to] last to the big one, and I was leaving the stage, and they called me and said, ‘Stay here.’ It’s your brand. Everyone thinks you’re going to win, so stay that way,’” he recalls.

Lee continued: “Right next to the stage was the curtain. The next one was the best photo. “Stay here, stay here. » I saw Jack Nicholson, his profile, he opened the envelope and I said, “Oh my God, oh my God.” It took him about 10 seconds before he announced, then he said, “Accident.’”

In announcing the winner, Nicholson seemed just as surprised as Leeapparently saying “wow” after saying the name of Paul Haggis’ film.

When THR surveyed hundreds of Academy members and asked them to reread their ballots during the historic and controversial 2015 election, many members said they would vote for Brokeback Mountain on Accident. At the time of the Brokeback MountainAfter this defeat, many denounced the Academy’s decision at the time, calling the snub apparent homophobia.

When asked if he believes Brokeback Mountain Having lost Best Picture due to the Academy’s discrimination against a gay love story, Lee responded, “I think so, yeah.”

“At the time, [Brokeback Mountain] had a ceiling. We received a lot of support, to a certain extent,” he added. “There is this feeling. I didn’t have any hard feelings or anything. It is…

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