‘An Experience We’ll Never See Again’: Whales Spotted Swimming in South Florida Waters

A group of fishermen in South Florida waters expected to see sea turtles, manatees, conch shells and maybe a shark – but this time, a whale, it’s safe to say they were going to have a huge surprise.

Several whales, in fact. And the gargantuan marine mammals made a grand entrance, walking gently through the blue waters.

People on board the boat recorded the rare sighting and shared the video on social media, where it was reposted on Saturday by the account Only In Dade. The whales, the post said, were spotted in 40 feet of water near the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort.

Although the species of whales caught on tape is unknown, the coastal waters off Florida are a known habitat of North Atlantic right whales, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Right whales are usually seen between November and April.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has even declared the waters along Florida and Georgia “critical habitat” for right whales, which are among the most endangered species large whales.

Stunned witnesses expressed amazement at the sight before them in the 25-second video.

“This is an experience we will never experience again,” one man said.

“Never,” replied another.

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