Al-Aqsa ‘worshipers’ armed with stones, viral visuals suggest TOU

Al-Aqsa ‘worshipers’ armed with stones, viral visuals suggest


Al-Aqsa ‘worshipers’ armed with stones, viral visuals suggest

Hours after clashes broke out between Israeli police and Palestinians inside the compound of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem on Friday (April 15), social media users noticed how the latter were collecting stones to throw stones at Israeli forces.

Columnist Israel Medad shared a video showing Palestinians barricading the Al-Aqsa Mosque and collecting stones. While labeling it a ‘religious service’, Medad pointed out how the stone-throwers were not disturbed or stopped by other worshipers in the mosque premises.

Dove Hickind, founder of America Against Semitism, also shared pictures of the stones placed in the mosque premises. He questioned, “If Ramadan and Al-Aqsa are really important to Palestinians then why would they insult the month and the place by throwing stones and playing football ?! Religion is no excuse for violence so don’t try to abuse it. ”

Eli Lipshitz, a spokeswoman for the Israeli embassy in Canada, noted how Palestinians were seen covering their faces and holding rocks in their hands. It was a joy to see the responsible worshipers return to the sanctuary. Here is a picture of the attackers, “he tweeted.

Another Twitter user shared a picture of rioters armed with stones inside the mosque. They were seen standing near a mound of rocks carrying Hamas and PA flags. “Israeli forces entered the () mosque to disperse violent rioters,” he tweeted.

News reporter Yossi Elie also shared footage of how Palestinians, who were praying in the mosque, hurled stones at Israeli forces.

Notably, news of the strike and the escalation of violence came during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, and just before the Jewish festival of Passover. Last year, Israeli security forces raided the Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan, leading to further tensions and an 11-day Israeli operation in Gaza in exchange for rockets fired by Hamas at Israel.

In anticipation of a terrorist attack, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recently instructed the country’s security services to remain on high alert until the end of Ramadan. The decision came after a shooting in the West Bank town of Jenin, in which three suspected militants were killed.

The three militants were killed by Israeli defense forces on the night of April 3 near the West Bank city of Jenin. After days of warnings, Israeli Prime Minister Bennett said security forces had recently thwarted more than 15 terrorist attacks in the Jewish state.


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