AI PCs and smartphones will explode in popularity in 2024

The AI ​​PC and AI smartphone markets are set to explode in 2024 and 2025. Analysis by research firm GartnerWhich says smartphone makers will ship about 240 million generative AI smartphones in 2024, while AI PC vendors will ship 54.5 million units in the year.

“Rapid adoption of on-device GenAI capabilities and AI processors will eventually become a standard requirement for technology vendors,” Ranjit Atwal, senior director analyst at Gartner, said in a statement.

“This ubiquity will create challenges for sellers to differentiate themselves from competitors, making it harder to create unique selling points and increase revenue.”

AI PCs are laptops and desktops equipped with neural processing units, or NPUs, that are specifically designed to handle AI tasks like generative AI apps. Intel (INTC), AMD (AMD), and Qualcomm (QCOM) offer, or are preparing to offer, chips with built-in NPUs designed to slot into some of the latest PCs on the market.

In Intel’s case, this includes systems with chips from its Core Ultra line, which are currently only found in premium laptops in the $900 and up range.

Signs display the name of an Intel event called AI Everywhere in New York, Thursday, Dec. 14, 2023. Intel is introducing new products that are designed to be used with AI-powered computers and applications. (Seth Wenig/AP Photo) (associated Press)

Meanwhile, AI smartphones are smartphones with processors and neural engines powerful enough to run AI tasks on the device. Google’s Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, as well as Samsung’s S24 smartphones, are some of the first to get the AI ​​smartphone label.

While the number of AI devices is still relatively limited, Gartner says they will eventually account for 22% of all PC shipments and 22%…

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