After Xiaomi’s transfer, I will accept everything in exchange for China. TOU

After Xiaomi’s transfer, I will accept everything in exchange for China.


After Xiaomi’s transfer, I will accept everything in exchange for China.

The language of the whip is understood by China and the Modi government has understood this. If the whip is not used, China will be in every aspect of its relations with any nation. Cunning And bullying will start to show whether it is economic sector or strategic. As much as you are afraid of this grandstanding, China will frighten you, oppress you and one day capture you. In diplomatic parlance, this Chinese principle is called ‘dragon policy’. But, the Indian lions hit so hard that the dragon was forced to press its tail. Our country’s soldiers gave a stern response to China at the strategic and military level and now the Modi government is teaching it a lesson at the economic and trade level.

Chinese mobile phone maker Xiaomi has come under the radar of the Indian government for scamming foreign exchange. The government has also launched an investigation. Despite China’s threatening response, the Modi government has made it clear that if it wants to do business in India, it must abide by its letter and spirit, maintaining the supremacy of Indian law and the unity and integrity of India.

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Chinese mobile company Xiaomi But the government whip

China’s wisdom has come to the fore as soon as the whip of the Indian government came on the Chinese mobile company Xiaomi. Let us inform you that there are four Chinese brands in the top five in terms of shipments in the Indian smartphone market – Xiaomi, Redmi, OPPO and vivo. Indian tax authorities have alleged violations of the Customs Act Violation 653 crore has been demanded for Xiaomi Technology India Pvt. Three show cause notices were also issued between 1 April 2017 and 30 June 2020 under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962. Reason- The company did not include royalties and license fees in its import value. In a statement, the finance ministry said that by not adding “royalty and license fees” to the transaction value, Xiaomi India was allegedly evading customs duties on such imported mobile phones.

During the investigation, Xiaomi Indiana’s DRI Campus A search was conducted in the US, in which the recovery of criminal documents indicating that Xiaomi India, Qualcomm USA and Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co. Ltd. Royalty and license fees. The DRI recently called on the former head of Xiaomi India to investigate whether the company’s business practices are in line with Indian forex law.

In response to the investigation, a Xiaomi spokesman said Wednesday Global A statement sent to the Times said: “Xiaomi is a law-abiding and responsible company. We attach paramount importance to land law. We are abiding by all the rules and we are confident of that. ” The company said Xiaomi would ensure that the Indian Officers Assists in the investigation that they have all the necessary information.

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After regaining consciousness

After coming to senses, at a meeting of high-level government officials, China urged Indian officials to deal with Chinese mobile phone companies on an equal footing to reduce bilateral tensions. The probe is targeting not only Xiaomi but also other Chinese companies operating in India.

To improve simple business operations in India Guaranteed China urges Chinese-funded companies in India to become familiar with Indian tax laws, especially in the areas of imported material machine assembly, sales, scraping and write-off. Harris Liu of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in India told Global Times that the chamber promotes risk mitigation, control and self-testing, as well as self-improvement for Chinese-funded ventures in India.

According to data released by Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi ranks first in smartphone shipments in the Indian market with a 24 per cent share in 2021 and Vivo ranks third with a 15 per cent market share.

Chinese State Counselor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Yang said that in order to support the normal operation of Chinese-funded enterprises in India, visas for employees of Chinese-funded enterprises are still being issued on a regular basis.

Yang said: “Although the sanctions have not been completely lifted, India The success rate of visa applications for employees of Chinese enterprises in the US has reached 60 percent in 2022, compared to 10-20 percent in 2021. We expect the Indian side to treat foreign investors equally and create an open, fair and non-discriminatory business environment for all ventures in India. ”

There have been no further investigations into Chinese companies this year since China regained consciousness. But the Modi government has made it clear that if China’s communist power abuses India’s trade by abusing its trade associations and companies, it will suffer the consequences.

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