Actress Confirms Baby News to Jimmy Kimmel .

Elisabeth Moss is going to be a mother.

Hulu’s Emmy-winning star The Handmaid’s Tale confirmed the paparazzi-fueled speculation during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday revealing that she is indeed expecting a child. The 41-year-old actress looked visibly pregnant as she left the side of the stage to sit next to Kimmel, who got straight to the point. “Are you pregnant or just an incredibly committed method actress?” asked Kimmel, to which she replied, “A little bit of both.” »

The baby talk turned out to be relatively brief, as Moss said she was “really lucky” and that her pregnancy so far “has been going really well.” She did not name the baby’s father but asked Kimmel for advice. The beloved host, father of four childrenrecalled some words of wisdom he received from Bill Murray.

“He said, ‘Bring some Christmas lights to hang,'” Kimmel noted, referring to the lack of dim lighting in the delivery room. He said Murray also suggested battery-powered candles. “Because the lighting in the room is terrible. It’s Walmart style lighting for this blessed event that’s going to happen and you don’t want that.

Moss appeared on the late night show to promote her starring role in another Hulu series called The veil, although it won’t air until April. Her appearance on Kimmel’s show likely came early, as she is expected to be on maternity leave by the time the show airs.

Moss, who was previously married to Fred Armisen, has not publicly commented on her current relationship status. Earlier this month, pregnancy rumors swirled after paparazzi photos surfaced of Moss sporting a baby bump while filming a new movie, Max…

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