Actor Jack Whitehall’s girlfriend Roxy Horner collapsed at the Brit Awards due to diabetes

Actor Jack Whitehall’s girlfriend Roxy Horner collapsed at the Brit Awards due to diabetes

British comedian Jack Whitehall has recalled the horrifying moment his model girlfriend collapsed at the Brit Awards before finding out she had type 1 diabetes.

Roxy Horner, 31, was taken to hospital following the incident at London’s O2 Arena in 2021, where Whitehall staged the ceremony.

“We found out she had diabetes the night I hosted the Brits. She had what is called low blood sugar and she passed out,” he said on stage during a concert by comedy in essex, The sun reports.

“Paramedics were trying to resuscitate her and her sugar levels were rising dangerously. We ended up in A&E [accident and emergency] Brits night, which definitely created a slightly different vibe than an afterparty.

“The year before, I was going to [rapper] Stormzy and Sir Elton John, and this time I was sitting in the emergency room of an A&E unit sitting next to a Scottish gentleman who smelled of Special Brew.

Whitehall has shed light on the incident and admitted he joked with Horner that his reaction was caused by seeing superstar Harry Styles at the star-studded party.

“The British are obviously the worst place to have a medical emergency because the only doctor in the house was Dr Dre,” joked Whitehall.

“To be fair, I was experiencing quite a few low blood sugar symptoms while watching Harry as well.”

Prior to her diagnosis in May 2021, Horner said she felt “tired and exhausted all the time”.

“I had no more energy. I couldn’t even walk. It was exhausting,” she said. “I felt like I was dying. I was drinking four to eight liters of water a day.

Since then, she has continued to raise awareness about diabetes. And she congratulated Whitehall and thanked him for supporting her.

Horner, who has worked with Whitehall for three years, said: “Jack has been my absolute rock, he’s so lovely.

“He was there when I was diagnosed. My parents and my family live in Australia, so he’s been my family. We’re amazing.”

While performing in Essex ahead of her UK and European tour, Whitehall said: “She’s been very good with her diabetes.

“She talks about it and tries to educate people about it. She does these little tutorials on her social networks.

“The only time she screwed it up was when she was doing this thing about insulin shots that ended with the line, ‘At the end of the day, it’s just a little sting, then you feel it going in. .’

“I know those are the exact words she used because that 10 second clip ended up in every one of my group chats, including the WhatsApp family group.”

This article originally appeared in The sun and has been republished with permission

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Actor Jack Whitehall’s girlfriend Roxy Horner collapsed at the Brit Awards due to diabetes

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