According to shoppers, the T-shirt folding board that “makes doing laundry fun” is just $11 on Amazon

Most of us are currently trying to make some improvements in our lives. Sometimes the smallest changes have the biggest impact. And when it comes to tidying up a closet or drawers, there’s a simple device that can streamline your laundry process while smoothing your clothes and putting them in perfect order: this BoxLegend T-Shirt Folding Board and it’s only $11 on Amazon.


Designed with cleanliness in mind, this problem-solving gadget will help you fold your t-shirts into perfect rectangles to save time and space – while keeping your drawers and closets organized.

$11 on Amazon

The BoxLegend T-Shirt Folding Board is one of those products that is so straightforward, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. It consists of six plastic panels held together with hinges. All you have to do is lay your shirt or sweater flat on top and then fold the pieces over. The result is clothing folded into perfect rectangles. When your clothes are folded evenly, they stack better and fit neatly in drawers.

For people who love a well-organized drawer but don’t like folding laundry, this gizmo is a dream. This is efficiency and organization at its finest – even one of the most popular and sharpest television characters of all time uses one and makes it look so easy. We are talking about The big Bang Theory‘S Sheldon Cooper, Naturally. By twisting and folding, a t-shirt can be folded in no time!

This problem-solving gadget makes organizing your drawers and closets a breeze. (Amazon)

What reviewers say:

This brilliant little device has organized laundry for more than 3,000 enthusiastic reviewers.

“This is one of the best things I have ever bought!” shared excited buyer Who says doing laundry is fun? “Aside from the fun factor, all the shirts and sweaters are folded to the same width and length, so now when I put them in my dressing room they look really nice, neat and the same size. It’s plastic that opens and closes.” Don’t expect it to be heavy or…

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