A truck descends the Lucky Peak embankment. Two people rescued with “serious injuries”

Boise firefighters rescued two people who were thrown over an embankment near Lucky Peak Lake on Saturday.

The department said it responded to an incident at 5:30 p.m. involving a truck leaving an embankment at mile marker 13, according to a department. post on social networks.

Fire crews quickly found a person near the highway and, with the help of Ada County Paramedics, provided immediate care, according to the department.

Fire officials said crews saw that a truck with a second person had rolled 150 feet down a “steep hill.”

The department’s technical team took rescuers down the hill, immobilized and wrapped the patient in a basket, then brought her to where a helicopter was waiting, according to the department.

Rescuers brought one person to safety after they fell 150 feet down an embankment.

The helicopter transported the patients, both seriously injured, to local hospitals for treatment, the department said.

No one else was injured, according to the department.

The Boise Fire Department, Boise Police Department, Idaho State Police and Ada County Dispatch did not respond to the man’s request for more information of Idaho State.

The rescue took place Saturday evening.

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