A cancer diagnosis like King Charles’ is not uncommon

A patient comes to the hospital for a routine procedure to treat an enlarged prostate. And unexpectedly, a test done in the hospital – perhaps a blood test or an X-ray or an examination of the urethra and bladder – detects cancer.

Apparently King Charles III is something like that too. happened. When the British monarch was treated for an enlarged prostate in January, doctors discovered a cancer that the palace said was not prostate cancer. Charles began treatment on Monday. The palace did not disclose what led to the king’s diagnosis.

While some prostate specialists like Dr. While Peter Albertsen of the University of Connecticut called such situations “pretty rare,” other doctors said they were not uncommon.

Dr. Otis Brawley, an oncologist at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, said a man came in for routine prostate monitoring to monitor a low-risk cancer. One of Dr. Brawley’s interns ordered a chest X-ray “for no reason,” he said. But to the surprise of Dr. Brawley discovered lung cancer on x-rays.

Some cancers require immediate treatment, while for others treatment can wait, oncologists say. The palace did not describe the severity of Charles’ diagnosis or the treatment he received.

Some blood cancers are among those that require immediate treatment, Dr. Brawley.

“We even have a few leukemias and lymphomas where we want to start treatment less than 24 hours after suspicion,” he said. He said he doubted Charles had one of the most aggressive blood cancers, acute myeloid leukemia, or Burkett’s lymphoma. But if he did, treatment could not be postponed.

These are cancers “that we are pouncing on,” said Dr. Brawley. He added: “These are things we start treating in the middle of the night if we have to.”

It is not known whether the king’s cancer was detected as doctors prepared for surgery, which could be done through, for example, a blood test, a CT scan or an MRI. Doctors can also detect another type of cancer when passing…

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