$59 sandwich returns to cafe menu due to popular demand

$59 sandwich returns to cafe menu due to popular demand

Sandoitchi, a small downtown cafe in the heart of Sydney’s Darlinghurst, recently put its $59 sandwich back on the menu due to popular demand.

The pricey sandwich includes MB9+ Tajima wagyu tenderloin, tonkatsu mayonnaise, and toasted white bread.

If you ever want to close your eyes and forget the cost of life crisisI would suggest doing it by swallowing a $59 steak sandwich.

The sandwich was actually taken off the menu earlier this month due to the rising cost of living.

It has now returned to the menu as customers are obsessed with it.

Bhas, the chef and owner of the cult sandwich shop, explained that they have made it available to customers again due to constant requests.

“For the past two weeks we’ve taken it off the menu because the price is so crazy right now,” he said.

The price of the sandwich reflects the current cost of meat which has recently increased due to inflation.

However, Bhas was surprised that people are still obsessively asking for the boujee sandwich.

“The last two weeks people have been asking for it all the time,” he explained.

It wasn’t just the strange wagyu-obsessed demon.

“Up to five people a day (would ask),” he said. “It made me realize that I had to bring him back.”

It is also undeniable that the sandwich is delicious. It’s hard to complain about the fluffy white bread mix, unique and delicious sauce and high quality meat.

Bhas recommends savoring the expensive sandwich.

“It’s a special dish for a special occasion, and that’s why people are willing to pay for it,” he explained.

Sandoitchi has a cult following, and the sandwich shop has racked up more than 16,000 online subscribers.

Plus, there’s a lot of love for her $59 sandwich on Instagram.

Under a photo of the meat sandwich someone commented! “It looks so good!” Another added: “I have to try this one!”

There was not a single comment on the exorbitant price.

The sandwich has become so popular that Bhas considers it one of the cafe’s signature dishes, and it would be hard to disagree.

If people are willing to pay $59 for a sandwich when inflation is over 7%, you can’t pretend it’s loved.

Marie Antoinette said we should let them make cake. GOOD, sydneysiders I just want to eat $59 sandwiches.

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$59 sandwich returns to cafe menu due to popular demand

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