30 vehicles damaged in wave of vandalism in Bexley, no arrests made

Bexley police are investigating reports that at least 30 vehicles were damaged after a series of break-ins carried out by an unidentified group over several hours.

Bexley police said they expect the number of damaged vehicles to increase as Columbus police investigate several similar break-ins in the area involving people matching similar descriptions.

Police received reports shortly before midnight Wednesday that several men had broken into vehicles near Montrose and Astor avenues. The caller told dispatchers the men were traveling in a white sedan. Police said they found several other damaged vehicles on South Remington Road.

Dispatchers received another call about 40 minutes later reporting five men breaking into cars in the 2800 block of Powell Avenue. The caller described the same white sedan.

A Barclay Square victim flagged down an investigating officer and said her car had also been vandalized and she was able to share the doorbell camera video with the officer.

Three officers conducted several traffic stops on vehicles matching the white sedan described in the initial report, police said. However, police said none of the vehicle’s occupants matched the vandals’ descriptions.

Columbus Police later recovered a white Nissan reported stolen at Gibson Drive and Claude Drive. Officers were unable to arrest any of the five men wearing ski masks who fled on foot, Bexley police said.

Bexley Police are asking the public to report any potential information about the vandalism spree or report damaged vehicles to 614-559-4444.

This article was originally published on The Columbus Dispatch: Bexley vandals damage at least 30 vehicles in break-in spree

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