3 men accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from Central Mass stores.

WORCESTER ― Police say a trio of out-of-state thieves stole nearly $4,000 worth of merchandise this weekend from Target and Lowe’s Home Improvement, both located in Lincoln Plaza, as well as an undisclosed amount of merchandise from Home Depot in Oxford.

George Gvelesiani, 35, of Philadelphia; Vakhtang Barkalaia, 41, of New York; and Giorgi Adeishvili, 41, of Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, are all charged with theft valued over $1,200 and receiving stolen property valued over $1,200. Additionally, Gvelesiani and Adeishvili were each charged with five counts of unlawfully deactivating or removing a theft detection device.

Sunday, police responded to a reported shoplifting at Target. A description of the three suspects, as well as the vehicle they parked in, was provided to police. The vehicle was stopped nearby on Lincoln Street, according to the account of the facts written by Officer Marisa Gaspar.

According to Gaspar’s report, the three men stole $2,629.53 worth of merchandise from Target, plus an additional $1,253.87 worth of merchandise from Lowe’s.

Video surveillance shows Gvelesiani and Adeishvili concealing items belonging to Target and leaving the store without paying, Gaspar wrote. Additionally, she wrote, the video shows the two men removing the theft detection devices from five individual objects.

According to the report, Barkalaia dropped off Gvelesiani and Adeishvili and picked them up when they left while they were carrying goods hidden in their clothes.

Barkalaia “actively participated by rolling his vehicle and waiting for the other two individuals to exit the store and pick them up approximately 20 feet from the store exit,” according to Gaspar’s report.

During the traffic stop, police found merchandise belonging to Target and Lowe’s in the vehicle, Gaspar wrote. The stolen merchandise was enclosed in a plastic bag in the back of the vehicle and “there were many more bags” inside, according to the report.

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