2 Africa Subsidiary Cable makes first landing in Genoa, Italy | Meta TOU

2 Africa Subsidiary Cable makes first landing in Genoa, Italy |  Meta


2 Africa Subsidiary Cable makes first landing in Genoa, Italy | Meta

As part of 2 Africa Consortium We are announcing the first landing of 2 Africa Subsy Cables – in Genoa, Italy. Subsidiary cables lay the foundation of the global Internet, connect people and continents, and will probably play a large part in Europe’s ongoing development.

2 Africa landing party in Genoa to Vodafone, cable directly Equinix Carrier Neutral Data Center (CNDC), with Retelit fronthole delivery. Like all 2 Africa cable landings, the capacity for service providers in Genoa will be reasonably and equally available, which will encourage and support the development of a healthy Internet ecosystem.

At 45,000 km, 2 Africa will be the longest subsea cable connecting Europe, Africa and Asia. It will serve communities that rely on the Internet for services ranging from education to healthcare and business, increasingly unlocking. Economic And social benefits.

Announced in May 2020, 2 Africa subsy cable system and its Pearl expansion Designed to deliver seamless international connectivity to approximately 3 billion people, representing 36% of the global population and connecting the three continents, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Our commissioned Study Show that new cable lending is a catalyst for change in the broadband market. They often translate into economic growth for the surrounding population, which benefits individuals and businesses.

We want more people to increase connectivity so they can benefit from services that provide better education, healthcare and business opportunities. To achieve this goal it is important to invest in subsidized cables that bring more people online to the fast internet, especially since data usage is growing at a rate of 20-30 percent per person per year. We will continue to invest in this infrastructure to sustain demand and build for the future of Metavers.


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