142-year-old women’s rights organization highlights 5 bills to support in Florida

THE American Association of University Women founded in 1881 promotes equity for women and all. The Florida AAUW has identified several bills to support in the current legislative session. Although overlooked in recent lists of laws to watch out for, they were designed to make life easier for women in Florida. Please inform your legislators to:

ERA invoices: SCR142/H647: The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex in the same way that it does for race or national origin. We need this protection now.

Pregnant women in custody: SB 100/HB 237: After a pregnancy test at their request, each arrested woman would be allowed to request a postponement, but not a reprieve, of her incarceration. Prison is no place for healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Paid Parental Leave for State Career Service Employees: SB 127/HB 128: This bill turns unpaid leave into paid leave for Florida’s more than 80,000 state employees who receive an average of $56,500 per year.

Pregnancy Support and Wellness Services: SB 256/HB 343: This bill would improve the integrity of publicly funded, childbirth-only pregnancy support centers by requiring that information presented be medically correct and requiring Department of Health inspections and health reporting. annual audits.

Freedom to Learn (Education) Act: SB1414 and HB1355: Repeal or modify previous restrictions on materials about systematic racism in higher education, only allow parents to object to K-12 library materials, allow no objections based on partisan approval or doctrinal and immediately stop removing the material in question.

AAUW Florida opposes bills to allow employers to hire 16-year-olds without time or employment restrictions (HB49/SB1596), due to the supreme importance of a good education to get out people of poverty.

For more information, visit aauwadvocacyflorida.blog.


Mary Gatta of St. Augustine is co-director of public policy for the American Association of…

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