11 Times Celebrities Revealed the Hidden Costs of Fame

Adelaide said: “In general, [Screen Actors Guild] the minimum for a series regular on a network show is $20,000 per episode. Let’s say I did 78 episodes on Reign; this equates to $1.56 million for four years of work. So, assuming I’ve made $5 million over my entire career since I started working at 16, here’s how it breaks down.”

She said her manager received 10%, her lawyer 5% and her business manager also 5%. She also pointed out that as a non-US citizen working in the US, she paid 30% in taxes.

“So I lose 60% right off the bat, which leaves me with about $2.2 million over the last 14 years,” she explained. “Which, if you average it out, it’s about $178,000 a year, which would be nice, a good salary. Except I have to pay rent in big cities, sometimes in two cities at once. “

Adelaide then described some of the additional costs her job requires. She said her publicist and social media team cost between $2,000 and $3,000 a month. Per appearance, she spends between $700 and $1,500 on a stylist and $1,000 on her hair and makeup team.

“Just to be clear, every actor I know saves as much as humanly possible because most of us go months, or sometimes years, between jobs. And we get some residuals, but… So, I’m fine, but my savings won’t last forever, you know what I mean?” she concludes.

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